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[Udemy]20 Essential Adobe Photoshop Applications

[Udemy]20 Essential Adobe Photoshop Applications
gfc adobe - [Udemy]20 Essential Adobe Photoshop Applications

What you’ll learn

  • Background Removal
  • Red Eyes Correction
  • Treating Imperfections In A Picture
  • Properly Cropping A Picture
  • Picture Size Reduction
  • Animation
  • Photo Restoration
  • Color Correction
  • Eye Color Change
  • Hair Color Change
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Photocompositing
  • Coloring A Black & White Photo
  • Converting A Colored Photo To Black & White
  • Brushes
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Drawing A Sun
  • Glowing Picture
  • Text Editing


  • Not at all! And that’s the beauty of it! Through these examples, anyone can instantly learn Photoshop and start working on their own project.


Are you to new to Photoshop and do not know where to start ? Or perhaps you know the software already but would like to use it to its full potential ? Then this complete tutorial is for you! 

In this 2+ hour course, you will be learning how to easily manipulate different tools, through the following 20 essential applications:

  1. Background Removal
  2. Red Eyes Correction
  3. Imperfection Treatment
  4. Easy Crop
  5. Picture Size Reduction
  6. Animation
  7. Photo Restoration
  8. Color Correction
  9. Eye Color Change
  10. Hair Color Change
  11. Teeth Whitening
  12. Photocompositing
  13. Coloring a B&W Photo
  14. Converting to B&W
  15. Brushes
  16. Patterns
  17. Textures
  18. Sun Drawing
  19. Glowing Picture
  20. Text

Each video comes with its exercise files so you can follow my instructions step by step! This is the concept of LearningWhilePracticing. You start right away by doing something useful with the software, and learn as you progress!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate level students in Adobe Photoshop.
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