[Udemy] WordPress for Beginners up to Advanced!

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What you’ll learn

  • Navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use it.
  • Understand the main features of WordPress
  • Installing wordpress
  • Theme Customization in WordPress
  • Become A WordPress Master and expert
  • Build a Professional WordPress website
  • You Can Control and Manage Any WordPress website afther this course
  • Master wordpress in 1 hour!


  • A Pc with a internet connection
  • Some Motivation
  • Basic computer skills
  • Anyone who would like to learn WordPress


Warning, Web Professionals – You May Find This Course Too Basic. We  do not cover creating custom themes or working with codes. This Course is intended for  a beginner who wan’t to get a job as WordPress Designer,  this course is not  for developers.

You’re here because you want to create your own website right?

This is the perfect place to start. This complete course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter). 

While WordPress might seem scary from the outside, once you get started, it’s fairly intuitive. Everything from hosting to installing a theme, then actually building your first pages can be learned in the first few lessons of this course.

Why learn from my course?

I’ve been building WordPress websites for years. Just like you, there was a time when I was a complete newbie! I was honestly scared of starting a WordPress website because it seemed so daunting. 

Now I like WordPress! I wouldn’t recommend using any other web-building tool.

Why Take This Course ?

  • Learn To Create A WordPress Website in Less Than 1 Hour
  • The WordPress Website Will Be Fully Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
  • Learn To Create A Logo For Free!
  • USING A FREE WordPress theme
  • Master wordpress
  • Learn All the ins And outs of Wordpress
  • Learn how to Create an Professional Blog with WordPress
  • Using Most Up To Date Version of WordPress
  • I have got 4+ Years experience of working with WordPress
  • Learn From a Top Instructor in WordPress Find out why!
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Who this course is for:

  • A Beginner who wan’ts to learn wordpress
  • Anyone who wants to master wordpress really fast
  • Direct to the point instructions of 1 hour
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