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[Udemy] Typescript with modern React (i.e. hooks, context, suspense)

Adding typescript to a modern react project with hooks (useState, useContext, useEffect) and code splitting with lazy.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Typescript with their modern React project
  • Understand how to set up typescript with create-react-app as well as babel and webpack
  • Feel comfortable using hooks for state and lifecycle


  • Have a basic understanding of Javascript and React
  • Be comfortable using the terminal or command prompt


In this course you will learn how to add typescript to a create-react-app project as well as adding it to a react project from scratch with webpack and babel. You will learn a bit about react hooks, (useState, useContext, useReducer and useEffect), in a react typescript project as well as using suspense to lazy load a component. We will also attempt to recreate redux, (or the redux principles) with useReducer and Context.

This course is at an intermediate/advance level and assumes you have used React and Redux before, however you don’t need to know any typescript for this.

Who this course is for:

  • Front end developers who want to level up their knowledge of React and Typescript
  • Developers who want to know a bit more about using hooks
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