[Udemy] The Python 3 Programmer’s Reference

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What you’ll learn

  • Deep Understanding of Python 3 Built-Ins
  • Explore various modules from the Python Standard Library
  • Automate file system operations
  • Working with texts via regular expressions
  • Understand Iterators, Generators & Generator expressions
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Tools of functional programming in Python 3
  • Object Orientation in Python, use and understand “dunder” methods
  • Introduction to Meta-Programming: Decorators & Metaclasses


  • Some prior experience in programming with any language may help, but is not strictly required


Python 3 Reference & Learning Path

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*** Including many modules from the Python Standard Library ***

From the content:

  • Working with PyCharm
  • Python Programming Essentials: Data Types, Functions, Classes,…
  • Automate File System Operations
  • Reading and writing text files, csv, json,…
  • Object serialization with pickle & shelve
  • Regular Expressions (re module) for advanced text processing
  • More on Data Structures: Comprehensions, Sorting, Counting,…
  • Understand IteratorsGenerators & Generator Expressions
  • Transform Iterators with itertools
  • Specialized Data Structures such as Queues (with deque) or Named Tuples
  • Understand Function Decorators
  • Working with functools: Partials, Reduce, Function Caches, Overloading,…
  • When to use Closures & Factory Functions
  • Use cases of Class Inheritance such as Mix-Ins
  • Introduction to Meta-Programming with Meta-Classes
  • Enhance Class Functionalities with “magic” or dunder methods

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn or deepen Python skills and become a professional developer!
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