[Udemy] Powershell Tools GUI Basics


[Udemy] Powershell Tools GUI Basics

gfc Powershell - [Udemy] Powershell Tools GUI Basics

What you’ll learn

  • Create basic, effective GUI based Powershell tools


  • Must be interested in powershell and Windows support


While GUI’s are not the first thing you think of when it comes to Powershell, it is often an overlooked option when it comes to Powershell tools. GUIs can sometimes help you facilitate your script and see all of your tool’s options at a high level, while also helping to eliminate human error when it comes to typos (such as typing the correct employee name, or the correct parameter, and so on). Powershell GUI’s also allow you to share your tool with delegates on your team or in your business, who may not be as comfortable working in a Powershell console environment.

In this course we look at the basics of GUIs, with recommended tools and concepts advocated by industry leaders and authors such as Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks. You have what it takes to make GUIs, and our aim in this course is to equip you with the basic skills, and inspire you to go forth and make your own GUIs for your awesome Powershell tools!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Powershell users
  • Intermediate Powershell users
  • Expert Powershell users
  • Any Powershell users who want to use GUIs for their tools
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