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[Udemy] Learn Complete PEGA Developer Course for Beginners to Expert

What you’ll learn

  • To Understand how to Develop Enterprise Level Applications
  • Actively participate in Business value assessment and business requirements elaboration phases
  • Actively participate in the requirements, design and construction phases; to lead to successful delivery of the project
  • Understand the rules management and associated tools such as export & import tools, skimming and bulk processing tools
  • Should be able to understand the scalability and reuse aspects of the application in development and can provide and evaluate enterprise class structure that is scalable and extensible
  • Able to articulate the application requirements and interpret the same in solid work class ( work, cover and folder) design


  • Basic Java Programming knowledge is an advantage but not mandatory
  • SOAP, PL/SQL are having knowledge of Oracle is a plus
  • Knowing Web Technologies such as HTML, XML, must be strong in JavaScript, XHTML, CSS is a plus
  • Good knowledge about OOPS concepts


Pega is an unified platform to build faster enterprise applications, that saves money and increase the ROI for the companies using this platform.There is a huge demand for PEGA developers, it is necessary to understand the Job duties / responsibilities required to become a Pega Developer. What one must know to become a PEGA developer.

  • As a PEGA Developer you must be able to develop enterprise level applications.
  • Good knowledge about Agile and Scrum Methodology
  • Strong experience and knowledge about OOPS concepts
  • Technologies such J2EE, JSP,EJB,Xml and Java
  • Must be Well-versed in PRPC (Pega Rules Process commander )
  • Must have knowledge and experience in working with Agile Methodology
  • Ability to work with SCRUM/Pega Smart
  • SOAP, PL/SQL are important and having knowledge of Oracle is a plus
  • Ability to code and it is good when you are proficient in these following languages like Java, Jquery, Angular JS etc
  • Its good to know these tools Visio, UML and Excel.
  • Knowing Web Technologies such as HTML, XML, must be strong in JavaScript, XHTML, CSS is a plus

These are the following Job responsibilities to become a PEGA developer

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn PEGA Application development

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