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[Udemy] Implement Jets & Choppers in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints

What you’ll learn

  • For Beginners who possess very basic knowledge of Blueprints, start off by creating a simple Shoot-em-up game with Sounds and UI.
  • Learn to implement the flying and firing mechanisms of Combat Jets and Helicopters using Physics in Blueprints.
  • Learn to use Newton’s Laws of Linear Motion to calculate rate of acceleration for object movement and Moment Of Inertia for object rotation.
  • Learn practical usage of important Blueprint concepts like Blueprint Interfaces, Structures, Enumerations, Function Libraries, and Child Blueprints.
  • Learn to use Construction Scripts for effective automation.
  • Learn to implement your projects using an Object-Oriented Architecture in Blueprints.
  • Learn to integrate the brilliant freely available UE4 Ocean Community Plugin and its contents into your project.


  • Must know the basics of Unreal Engine 4 Editor and basic Blueprints.
  • Operating System – Windows 10 preferred.


  • A unique Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints course where you will learn to develop flying and firing behaviours of Combat Jets and Helicopters from scratch using Physics.
  • Divided into 2 sections, this course is pretty well accommodating for the Beginners as well.
  • Section 1 dedicated to the Beginners in Blueprints will teach you to create a simple Shoot-em-up game from scratch along with Sounds and UI.
  • Section 2 is for the Intermediate Blueprint Developers which will teach you to implement Combat Jets and Helicopters using Physics in Blueprints.
  • Learn to integrate the gorgeous UE4 Ocean Community Plugin(freely available from Github) to your Blank Project.
  • Learn to set up a Classic Jet of the Indian Navy called INAS Seahawk where you will weaponize her, fly her using a Battlefield-esque input controls over the Ocean and fire from her powerful cannons and Rockets, all in Blueprints from scratch!
  • Learn to set up a Classic Helicopter of the Indian Navy called INAS Seaking where you will weaponize her, fly her using a Battlefield-esque input controls over the Ocean and fire her anti-submarine torpedoesall in Blueprints from scratch!
  • Learn to implement the behaviour of entering and exiting vehicles as characters.
  • Learn to create behaviours for Projectiles like Cannon GunsRockets, and Torpedoes.
  • Learn to use Construction Scripts for an effective automation of the development process.
  • Learn to create projects with an Object-Oriented architecture using Parent and Child Blueprints.
  • Learn to use Blueprint InterfacesStructuresFunction Libraries, and Enumerations in Blueprints.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to UE4 Blueprints developers wanting to upgrade their skill level by creating interesting games from scratch.
  • Blueprints Developers interested in learning to code flying and firing behaviours of aerial vehicles with a control mechanism similar to the ones found in games like Battlefield.
  • Beginner to Intermediate Blueprint Developers.

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