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[Udemy] How To Install WordPress On Google Cloud

What you’ll learn

  • Skills to change WordPress hosting environment any where


  • You can simply do it without having a prior knowledge to WordPress or google cloud hosting


  1. Create a Free Account on Google Cloud Platform
    • In this section we will learn to configure a free Google Cloud Platform account
  2. Installing WordPress on Google Compute Engine using Google Click to deploy
    • In this section you will learn to Install WordPress on Google Compute Engine using WordPress Google Click to deploy
  3. Create External IP Address for WordPress Installation
    • In this section we will learn to configure a an External IP Address for your WordPress Installation
  4. Creating DNS – Domain Name Servers in Google Cloud Platform
  5. Connecting Google Cloud DNS with Domain Name Registrar’s DNS
  6. Connecting WordPress Installation with our Domain Name
  7. Uploading, downloading, cloning and migrating WordPress
  8. WordPress Issues solved & Finalizing Installation
    • Restoring old WordPress
    • Solving issue “File not found”
    • Provide permissions to WordPress
    • Update Database
    • Change WP Admin credentials using PHPmyadmin
    • Regenerating  Htaccess

Who this course is for:

  • Any one hosting a wordpress website or willing to create a new wordpress site.

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