[Udemy] Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles


[Udemy] Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles

gfc Freshers Guide - [Udemy] Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles

What you’ll learn

  • Able to Understand IT Careers as of 2017 Currently in market starting from Programming to Architect, Big Data to Cloud Developers/Architects, System Analyst to Business Analysts, Different Architect Roles, DevOps Engineer to Consultant, Jobs in Release Management, Agile Project/Program Management, IT Support, Graphic Designer, Web technologies Database, System Admin etc etc
  • Detail Jobs roles from programmers to architects to Project Management and Graphic Designing
  • Understanding on Different types of IT Projects from Small to large
  • Will be able to understand Hot Skills, Decouple Job Profiles and Skills required.
  • Different IT Projects execution – Small Freelancer, Small/Mid size Consulting Project, Product SAP/Oracle Implementation Projects, Managed Services Projects etc
  • Many Software Project requirement from small to big companies , Their Methodology of execution, Different Job Roles involved in delivering those projects etc etc
  • Understanding on Big Data/Cloud and many more hot Careers, Job Profiles and Skills required and preparations


  • Technical Graduates
  • Graduate or final year student who wants to Understand Computer Jobs Skills
  • English Language


This Course covers Current Jobs in software Market , high demand Skills, Certifications etc to prepare for jobs. 

Use Code : LINKDN for free. 

Course also covers different job roles like – computer programmer, Web Developer , Mobile Application Developer, Database Developers, DevOps Engineer, Technical Architect, Database Modular, Database Analyst etc.. roles their responsibilities and how to prepare for that.   

As a Fresher/Experienced Software Person : Many people always confused to understand What is What” from 100’s of Technologies in the Industry and they dont have anyone to explain all of these skills. Many times training/coaching classes are misguide you to sell what they have and not what you should get.  

Here in this course you get Overall Software Technology/Development insight. 

As a fresher we always seek for information which may not available radially & Together  like – What is Hot Skills in industry right now ?  What kind of jobs available in market ? what are Job Roles and their Responsibilities ? Is there anything I can do as freelancer ?  

This Course will help you to Do “Self Study” of yourself and come up right judgement on : What is good for you – Is that JAVA or Python? Database -PLSQL Programming or Database Administrator or Systems Administrator,  Big Data or Cloud?Graphic Designer or Web Designer? Tester or Developer ? Android or iPhone Developer?  etc etc etc ……………

Some Other Questions answered here in course are 

  • What is Big Data, Hadoop, Spark….. ?  
  • What is Cloud ? How they work ?  
  • What is DevOps means and if hat fits in my career
  • What is the Role of Architect in Software Development ? 
  • What does really Database Programmer do.?  
  • Will I be Manager or Architect in my career after few years ?
  • What is Agile vs SDLC ?   
  • What is Production Support/ Operations Work ?
  • What is ERP , Web , Mobile Apps  etc etc How they work all together 
  • I am Business partner for IT – Who will explain me what Business Intelligence, How does it work ?  

Also if you are Non-IT Managers or Business Stakeholders and wants to understand IT in nutshell  switch in IT Project or  Support them effectively? 


I have tried to draw BIG picture of Current IT technologies so that it is very easy for your to pick what you want to do next.

Its Lots to cover and grasp – Please take one section at time and try to complete it one go understand the subject in depth. Take a break and do research as suggested time to time on that subject.  

This is Guide for you to understand whats available in market and what everything means. 

Hope you Enjoy the knowledge ! 

Happy Learning ! 


GCP Architect & Trainer

Who this course is for:

  • Job Seekers : Freelancer, Small Companies to Large Companies Jobs.
  • Fresher in market want to understand A to Z of IT skills required and their current job prospects
  • Experienced IT professional confused on career planning want to understand what options available
  • Students who wants to understand Information Technology options available to plan for right fit for individual
  • Understand Current IT Technology available from host of skills in market
  • Individual who is confused and want to understand “what is what” in current IT market.
  • Who wants to understand overall IT Skills, Different Job Roles, Job Progressions and upcoming trends
  • Non IT Professional looking for understanding on IT/Software careers 2017
  • Any one who is looking for Guide to align career path in Software Industry.
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