[Udemy] Deploying and Configuring a Full-Hybrid Exchange Solution


[Udemy] Deploying and Configuring a Full-Hybrid Exchange Solution

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What you’ll learn

  • What a Full-Hybrid Deployment is and Why it’s Used
  • How to Add and Verify a Domain in O365
  • How to Use IDFix to Mitigate AD Issues
  • How to Deploy and Configure Azure AD Connect
  • Configure Exchange Web Services
  • How to Use the Hybrid Deployment Wizard


  • An Office 365 Tenant (if planning to perform the exercises)
  • Access to an On-Prem Exchange 2016 Lab (if planning to perform the exercises)
  • Moderate Understanding of Microsoft Exchange / Exchange Online / Office 365


Welcome to Deploying and Configuring a Full-Hybrid Exchange Solution.

This course is intended for IT professionals who have been tasked with deploying a full-hybrid solution to connect an on-prem Exchange Organization to an Exchange Online Organization.

This course covers the following PRE-DEPLOYMENT TASKS:

  • Preparing Active Directory for a Full-Hybrid Deployment
  • Installation and Configuration of Azure AD Connect
  • Verifying and Testing Existing Autodiscover Records
  • Configuring SPF Records to Support a Full-Hybrid Solution
  • Verifying Existing Exchange Certificates
  • Ensuring Exchange Web Services Can Support a Full-Hybrid Solution

DEPLOYMENT TASKS covered in this course include:

  • Running the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  • Verifying Secure Mail Transport Connectors
  • Testing Full-Hybrid Management Interfaces
  • Verifying Access to Exchange Online via PowerShell

Students that complete this course will finish with a complete understanding of the full-hybrid solution, what it offers, and how it’s deployed and managed.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals Preparing for the MS-201 Exam
  • IT Professionals Tasked with Deploying a Full-Hybrid Environment
  • IT Professionals Tasked with Performing a Large-Scale Migration from On-Prem Exchange to O365

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