[Udemy] Blockchain Technology Concepts: For Managers & Techies

What you’ll learn

  • Foundation course on Blockchain Technology for Managers and Techies covering all key concepts.
  • Course includes a session where we will browse through live Ethereum Blockchain


  • General awareness of Business Eco-system, Interest in Crypto Currencies or Technology behind it. Access to internet is required to browse a live Ethereum Blockchain and gain good insight of technology. No Additional requirements to successfully complete this course


Foundation Course on Blockchain Technology to provide insight into the technology, Course will start with general introduction to the blockchain technology and subsequently take  deep dive into Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Blockchain illustration using Supply Chain Example
  • Blockchain Technology Deep Dive
  • Public and Private Blockchain
  • Industry Use Case
  • Exploring a live Ethereum Blockchain
  • FAQ

Who this course is for:

  • Student, Business Managers, Technical Managers and Hard Core Techies aspiring to learn about Blockchain Technology
  • Anyone curious to know about Blockchain, can get a good insight into Blockchain from this course

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