[Udemy] AWS EC2 Fast and Simple


[Udemy] AWS EC2 Fast and Simple

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What you’ll learn

  • Lean how to setup an Amazon AWS EC2 Linux server in minutes
  • Learn how to setup an NGINX Server
  • Lern how to setup Java 8
  • Lern how to setup Tomcat 8
  • Learn how to setup Node
  • Learn how to setup and secure MondoDB


  • High level understanding of servers, cloud concepts and Linux concepts


I’ve been told that Amazon AWS is very difficult and that it takes a huge learning curve just to spin up a server.

I’ve been working with AWS EC2 and S3 since the start, yes things change, yes fairly often but once you understand the basics is simple.

This course will go over how to select an Amazon Instance for Linux, create the instance running and show how to SSH into the machine. You will learn how to setup NGINX, Oracle Java 8, Tomcat8, Node.js and MongoDB.

In less tehn 30 minutes you will have a server up and running and log into the instance. 

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers
  • Startup founders looking for a back end solution
  • Any one interested in learning how to setup a cloud server not just learn about them

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