[Udemy] IoT Using Arduino (English + Hindi)


[Udemy] IoT Using Arduino (English + Hindi)

gfc IoT Using Arduino - [Udemy] IoT Using Arduino (English + Hindi)

What you’ll learn
  • How to actualize the correspondence between advanced mobile phones and home machines utilizing Arduino to control the home apparatuses.
  • The most effective method to arrange your Bluetooth module to work in the correspondence speed is utilized in the Arduino.
  • You will also learn about how devices receive data from Arduino over Bluetooth and would be able to implement communication between smartphones and home appliances.
  • You’ll know how smart homes work and how android devices are being used to control electrical outlets by using relay switches.
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  • IoT using Arduino course is specially designed for fulfilling engineering students most desired needs.
  • This course covers all the basic requirements needed to make industrial projects, engineering projects, and home automation related projects.
  • The best part is that an Arduino board doesn’t cost much and you can easily do programming with it.
  • For example, once you’ll learn about controlling electrical devices through your phone, you can add as many devices you want and make your home a smart one.
  • The course includes insights of Arduino, basic programming, types of sensors, LCD, LED, potentiometer, TFT, types of motors, home automation methods etc.

Why Enroll

IoT is offering a new way of living and now we can connect more and more devices with the help of the internet. Even the demand for these skills is increasing day by day. Getting your hands on IoT using Arduino will open doors for many opportunities and will even help you grow in the technical field.

Career Prospects

If you are a technology freak and need to get familiar with the bleeding edge innovation then this is the correct course for you. There are various amazing job profiles for people who learn IoT using Arduino like:

  • Electrical Engineer for Innovative Arduino Projects
  • IoT Engineer
  • Embedded System Robotics Linux Arduino Trainers

Teaching Methodology Highlights:

1) Professionally authored and edited lectures for serious and easy learning

2) Easy presentation style with practical exposure !!

3) Generous use of technology-enabled teaching products to enhance learning outcome

4) Carefully planned and sequenced small lectures

5) Guaranteed learning in every minute!

6) Generous descriptions for each lecture and Section

7) All necessary codes, libraries, supporting documentation are uploaded

Note 1: Hardware kit cost is Rs.5,000 and it can be delivered in India only.

Note 2: The course is taught in Hindi and English mixed. Moreover, by considering the fact that the students are from different countries and regions, we are working on providing English Subtitles for the course.

Who this course is for:
  • IoT enthusiasts, Anyone interested in learning about Internet of Things

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