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[Eduonix] The Developers Guide to Python 3 Programming

Prerequisites :

  • The course does not assume programming knowledge so it designed for beginners

Course Description :

Fall in love with one of the easiest programming language on the coding block. A lot of new developers are turning to python for their coding needs because of its simple and easy to understand syntax.

Python is powerful programming language with high-level data structures and easy to understand object-oriented approach to programming. The language allows developers to build complex apps and websites, without using any complex and long codes.

Unlike other popular programming languages that are commonly C- derivative languages, Python simplifies the coding process by getting rid of the confusing curly brackets. Similarly, Python also does away with the many declarations that can commonly be found in other languages. This makes the language readable to even the most basic and new coders.

For a newbie that has absolutely no programming skills, Python is touted as one of best languages to learn. With the 3rd iteration of the language, Python 3 is now even more capable of tackling more complex coding problems such as automation, data analysis, web development and even penetration tests, with ease.

However, before we jump to any of the complex tasks, this course will first help you understand the basics of coding using Python from scratch. This comprehensive course will transform you from a newbie programmer to an advance programmer in under 5 hours.

You will learn basic fundamentals of Python 3 including going over basics such as Functions, Conditions, Loops, Objects, object-oriented programming principles, Classes, Package and Modules, Exceptions, etc. in detail.

You will not only learn how to make complex apps using Python but also learn how to start coding and writing the language in this course. At the end of the course, you will also get hands on experience by creating a functional Product List project.

No need to go through various tutorials or long hours of coding principles, everything you need has been included in this action-packed course. All you have to do is click the enroll button now.

At the end of this course, you will know:

  • The basic principles of Python
  • How to download and install the latest version of Python
  • All the different features that make up Python such as Conditions, Loops, Objects, object-oriented programming principles, Classes, etc.
  • How to start coding in Python
  • How to code a functional program in Python from scratch

So, whats stopping you from learning the simplest and the most powerful programming language on the planet? Lets get started.


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