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SDET Training: Selenium WebDriver, Java Project & Code Tests

Complete SDET Training course on Selenium WebDriver with Java Framework, API & Automation Testing, Coding Interview etc
Shaans Training
10,741 students enrolled
English [Auto-generated]
Understanding the Realtime Test environments and Agile Implementation
Master the Core Java concepts and Datastructures needed to get you hired
Functional Testing: UI and API(Web service) Testing using Selenium WebDriver, RestAssured etc
Non-functional testing: Cross-browser & Performance testing using SauceLabs, Blazemeter, New Relic APM
Integrate Docker + Selenium Grid + Jenkins and run the tests. Jenkins plugins and more
Learn Amazon Web Services/ AWS : IAM, EC2 instances, S3 storage, Code deploy that you need as SDET
Build and Release Management using Maven and GIT
Apply for following roles: SDET / Automation Engineer / Performance Engineer

Why it’s important for you to take this course:

  • Learn from a Real-time engineer with hands-on experience in Software Development & Automation Testing. Most of the other courses teach you with some typical examples you commonly find in the books.

    But I’m going to teach you with Practical and Real-world Examples and Scenarios as part of Automation Testing

  • If you’re targeting a SDET (or) Automation/Performance Engineer role, this is the right course for you. I was in your shoes before where I had to go to multiple places to learn the concepts, practical examples, coding tests and interview questions from. But for you, just this course should keep the ball rolling for all those things.

  • Course covers an Automation Project towards the end and available to download from GitLab. The project makes you think in real life terms. Say if an interviewer asks you about the difference between an interface and a class, a practical example would be ‘GetCrossBrowserAccount’ is an interface while ‘GetSauceLabsAccount’ and ‘GetBrowserStackAccount’ can be the implementation classes (in contrast to popular book example that an animal is an interface while cat and dog are the implementation classes).

  • The course includes Coding Tests from Actual interviews including the questions I have personally faced and asked in the interviews

  • The lectures are To the point with Clear explanations. I don’t want you to get lost in the lectures or spend time listening to any unnecessary things, your spending time is most important to me and you learn something quantitatively from each lecture.

  • Unique course in Software Testing Engineering Interview. This is a unique course on Udemy platform for SDET from preparation to interview with a range of topics packed inside a single course.

  • For any of your queries, I will Respond in 24 hours. Just shoot me a message on the Q&A board and I’ll respond to you with all the information you need.

  • I have personally trained manual/functional QA to get Automation Engineer/ SDET Jobs.

  • New course Videos will be added from time-to-time. If you see any topic is missing, expect it to be added very soon.

Just see what my students have to say:

  • Focused on practical skills with examples. – Joseph

  • This course was amazing. I personally learned a lot and very hands-on experience. -Mohammed

  • I managed to get a SDET job thanks to this course and assistance from Shaan. -Jericho

  • It is amazing and it covers lots of the interview questions which I missed in the past. -Rohit

  • It is good info for those who want to polish the SDLC and roles and responsibilities of Testers in an organization. -Prashant

  • It’s the best software testing tutorial that I watched so far! -John

  • Yes it was a good match for me and the explanations were clear and direct to the point. -Nicholas

Following Topics and Q&A are covered in this SDET course and Project Training classes:

Software Test environments and Agile Testing : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Common 4-tier deployment environment?

Components within each environment?

What are the typical environment issues?

Whom testers need to collaborate with while testing?

Typical working day of a software tester?

Challenges faced by a software tester on a day-to-day basis?

What is Waterfall model and its drawbacks?

What is Agile and how does it address the waterfall drawbacks?

What is Agile Testing and its challenges?

What is Scrum and scrum’s roles, artifacts and events?

What is Sprint in scrum and sprint from testers standpoint?

How Jira supports sprint, sprintbacklog etc?

How the Requirement changes are handled in Agile?

Java : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Compile time vs Run time in Java?

Compile time errors vs Run time errors?

What are Local, Instance and Class variables?

Difference between Pass by value and Pass by reference?

Difference between Stack and Heap memory in Java?

Java keywords static, final, abstract and super usage in a project?

Access modifiers public, private and projected usage in a project?

Debugging a java application?

Project configuration files and what goes into them?

Reading the configuration files into java properties object?

Java Datastructures : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Difference between Array vs Arraylist and coding challenge?

Finding duplicates using Set and coding challenge?

Storing key-value pairs using Map and coding challenge?

What is Stack and coding challenge?

How to reverse a LinkedList?

Selenium WebDriver: Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Selenium WebDriver?

How the Selenium WebDriver Language bindings and binary executables work?

Setup of Firefox and Chrome drivers?

Setup and behavior of Safari driver executable?

Internet Explorer driver specific issues and configuration?

Options object vs DesiredCapabilities?

Methods to find web elements in Selenium WebDriver?

How to choose between different element Locater techniques and XPath vs CSS?

What are Dynamic elements on a web page?

How to Locate the dynamic web elements in Selenium?

What is Absolute XPath and Relative XPath?

XPath Functions and Axes and using them to locate dynamic elements?

How to use XPath combinators?

What is Page Object Model and how its implemented in a project?

How to use Driver Factory?

Singleton and Factory Design Patterns?

Coding example to login using Selenium webdriver and logout?

Maven and Log4j : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Explain Maven Convention over Configuration and Dependency Management?

What is Super POM in Maven?

How the Local and Remote repositories work in Maven?

What are different Maven phases and goals?

How to create Maven Parent project and Modules under it?

Maven configuration file settings.xml and how private repositories like JFrog or Nexus can be configured in it?

How to install an artifact into the Local repository?

Benefit of Logging and configuring Log4j?

What is RollingFileAppender and its policies?

Different Logging Levels in Log4j and how to log in Dev/QA environment vs Production environment?

GIT : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Distributed Version Control system?

Difference between Git and SubVersion?

Project repositories and branches in Git?

Describe the Git branching model and release cycles in realtime?

What is HEAD reference?

Explain Git workflow – Local, Staging and Workspace?

How to clone a Git repository?

Working with branches?

How to stage the files and commit?

How to shelve the changes and restore using Git stash?

How to sync with remote repository using Git push and pull?

Difference between fetch vs pull

SourceTree client for Git?

API Testing : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Describe REST (Representational State Transfer) service?

Explain primary HTTP Request methods used in Rest web services?

How to use functional API testing tools for API (Curl, Postman)?

How to use RestAssured class library for API Automation testing?

HTTP Request and Response headers like content-type, authorization etc?

Http Response codes like 200, 403 etc?

Data Driven Testing : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Yaml format?

Parsing from Yaml to Java collection and iterating over collection?

Yaml vs Excel for data driven testing?

TestNG : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

TestNG annotations?

Write Tests using TestNG and Selenium WebDriver?

Parallel Testing in TestNG?

Running TestNG tests through Maven?

Maven surefire plugin?

Docker : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Docker and how to install/setup docker?

How to work with the docker container?

How to run Jenkins as a docker container?

How to run Selenium Hub and nodes as docker containers?

VNC viewer to remotely connect and look at the live tests

How to trigger the tests in Selenium Grid?

Jenkins : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Jenkins pipeline and how to create a pipeline?

Running the tests from Jenkins

Jenkins manage plugins and setup credentials

Blue Ocean plugin/interface

SauceLabs : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Cross-Browser testing and need for it?

How SauceLabs Automated testing platform helps in Cross-browser/Platform testing?

How to configure SauceLabs hub/endpoint and environment variables?

SauceLabs On-demand plugin for Jenkins integration?

Jenkins builds for different SauceLabs configuration?

Parallel testing in SauceLabs?

What is Browser stack and comparision?

Blazemeter : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Blazemeter load testing platform?

Blazemeter supports JMeter?

How to Record and Rung tests in Blazemeter?

How to use Taurus DSL(Domain specific language)?

TestNG executor for Blazemeter?

New Relic APM : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

What is Application Performance Management/Monitoring?

How to install and configure New Relic APM agent?

APM controller and agent architecture?

App agent vs machine agents?

What is Instrumentation in APM?

Custom instrumentation in New Relic UI?

How to install and configure AppDynamics agent?

Running AppDynamics machine agent?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

How to create Users and Roles in IAM (Identify and Access Management)?

Launching EC2 instances and working with init script and in-bound rules?

How to create an S3 bucket and attaching policies to the bucket?

How to use Code Deploy service to create and application and deploy it?

AWS code deploy plugin for Jenkins?

Using code deploy plugin to upload the project to AWS S3 bucket?

SQL : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

Illustrate different SQL Joins?

Create a SQL schema?

Solve a SQL query challenge using Inner Join?

Solve a SQL query challenge using Left Outer Join?

Solve a SQL query challenge using Right Outer Join?

Linux : Covered Topics + Interview Questions and Answers

How to connect to a remote server/computer using ssh?

Locating the files and filtering them, say Log files or by timestamp?

Printing the file content and monitor the logs in realtime?

How to view and edit the contents of files?

***** There’s no better day than today to start some practical learning, remember there’s always 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy in the worst case *****.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Test Environment and Agile Testing

Test Environment (part-1) - Deployment Environments and Components
Test Environment (part-2) - Common Issues, Collaboration and Questions
Agile Testing (part-1) - Waterfall vs Agile Model and Agile Testing
Agile Testing (part-2) - Scrum, Sprint, Jira and Questions

Installation - Java Development Kit(JDK) and Eclipse IDE

Install JDK and Setup JAVA_HOME variable - MAC
Install JDK and Setup PATH, JAVA_HOME variables - Windows
Install Eclipse and First project in Eclipse

Java - Understand the Core concepts

Compile-time vs Runtime
Variables - Local, Instance and Class variables
Java is Pass by Value (part-1) - Illustration using Stack and Heap
Java is Pass by Value (part-2) - Program Example

Coding Tests - Java Collections (Whiteboard/Online-test)

Intro - Collections framework
LinkedList (part-1)
LinkedList (part-2)

Selenium WebDriver - Launch browsers and Locate WebElements

WebDriver Demo (includes Intro and Jar download) - Firefox and Chrome
WebDriver Demo - Safari
WebDriver Demo - Internet Explorer
Locating WebElements - findElement vs findElements
Locating WebElements Demo
Locating WebElements - Choosing Locater mechanisms

Dynamic Web Elements - Locater Techiniques

Dynamic Web Elements - Intro
XPath - Absolute XPath
XPath - Relative XPath, Functions and Axes
XPath Reference
CSS - Simple Selectors Intro
CSS - WildCards and Multiple Selectors
CSS - Combinators
CSS Reference
Program Demo - CSS & XPath

TestNG - Write Tests using TestNG

TestNG - Install TestNG plugin for Eclipse
TestNG Demo - Test and Assert
TestNG - Method and Class Annotations
TestNG - DataProvider

TestNG - Parallel Testing

TestNG - Need for Parallel Tests
TestNG - Test Suite
TestNG - Parallel Tests - Methods Classes & Tests
TestNG - Parallel Tests - Dataprovider

Driver Factory and Design Patterns

Driver Factory - Need for Factory
Driver Factory - Demo and Design Patterns
Factory Method - Calling classes define Browser
Base Test - Demo

Coding Tests - Scenario based Tests (Whiteboard/Online-test)

Write +ve and -ve Tests
Login scenario Test

Maven - Build Automation

Maven - What is Maven and its Installation
Maven - Convention over Configuration
Maven - Dependency Management
Maven - Build Lifecycle
Maven - Configure Repositories
Maven - Reference Doc

SQL - Solve Queries on SQL Joins

Joins - Illustration
Create a Schema
Inner Join
Left Join
Right Join

Unix / Linux - Remote login to Editing the files

Remote Login - Mac
Remote Login - Windows
Locate Files & Directories
Print File Contents
View & Edit Files
Unix/Linux - Command Reference

Project Training #1 - Project Overview

Project Overview
Project Instructions

Project Training #2 - Maven & Log4j

Maven & Log4j

Project Training #3 - Git & Release Management

Git & Release cycles
Git diagram realtime

Project Training #4 - API Testing & Rest Assured

API Testing & Rest Assured

Project Training #5 - Data Driven Testing using TestNG & Yaml

Data Driven Testing using TestNG & Yaml

Project Training #6 - Docker & Selenium Grid & Jenkins

Docker & Selenium Grid & Jenkins

Project Training #7 - Cross Browser Testing using Sauce Labs

Cross Browser Testing using Sauce Labs

Project Training #8 - Blazemeter and Performance Testing


Project Training #9 - New Relic APM & Performance Monitoring

New Relic APM

Project Training #10 - Amazon Web Services(AWS) - IAM + EC2 + S3 + CodeDeploy

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