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How To Learn English and + On Your Own Using The Internet

Learn how to get the most out of the Internet to learn English or any other language
Wilfredo Barrios
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You will find the motivation to learn English.

Here you will learn how to learn English or almost any other language with free resources on the Internet

  • The first thing you will learn is to find your most important reason to learn English.
  • In the next section you will learn the skills that experts learning languages manage to master.
  • In section three you will learn how to develop your own learning method when you learn English.
  • No matter what your level in English is, you will realize that there are all kinds of resources for you to start learning practically from scratch.
  • To achieve fluency in English, in section 5 you will learn about the most advanced resources you can find on the internet. It will surprise you that they are free.
  • The purpose of the course is that you become good enough in English to be the best in a job interview in English. This is what you will learn in section 6.
  • Even when the course is aimed to teach you how to learn English, all the knowledge you will acquire, will be useful to learn almost any other language.

My name is Wilfredo Barrios, and for me it will be an honor to be your instructor in this course. Here you will learn that it is not necessary to depend on other people to learn English, because it is something that can be done on your own, and the only thing you need is your computer and an Internet connection. It’s going to be a pleasure to share this knowledge that I have accumulated throughout my self-taught learning process of English.


This course is going to be very different from any other course you have seen on the Internet, because here you will not learn grammar rules or simple tips to learn English. It is a whole new way of taking control of your language learning process.

I will teach you through animations and also videos where you will see the screen of my computer, so you can apply what you learned immediately.

  • Prepare your mind to learn English: The first thing you will learn is that learning a language is something that has nothing to do with boring classes in a classroom, it is something that can be very exciting.
  • Get the skills you need to start: To learn English it is necessary to master certain skills that are indispensable, and that will make your learning process a success. This is what you were not taught in schools about learning English.
  • You have to see yourself as someone able to achieve anything: Here you will learn about some of the methods that people who speak many languages use to learn. You will realize that everything is in the method you use to learn English, and with the help of this course, it is going to be a personal one, specific for you.
  • You will be able to find all kinds of resources on the Internet: You will learn how to perform effective searches on the Internet to find whatever you want. To do so, it is enough with the two largest search engines on the internet. Google and YouTube.
  • Being the best in a job interview in English: The final goal of the course is to learn enough English to excel in an interview for a job in English. There is a complete section devoted to the interview and how to find the information needed to be the best.
  • This information will change your life for good: Although the information in this course is focused on learning the English language, you will realize that everything you will learn, can also be applied to learn other important things for your life.

I had to learn everything you will see in the course on my own. It was something that took me a lot of time of trial and error, experimenting with different methods until I found one that really worked for me and with someone else who has a very different way of learning than mine. Now I know that this course will be very helpful for you.

So, if you’re ready … Let’s get start it!

This is what you are going to learn

The reason of this course

Here I want to give a brief introduction to the reason of making this course and the way in which it will be taught.

The 5 Most Important Reasons To Learn English

If you don't have clear the reason why learning English, here are the 5 most important reasons to do it.

Before Continuing

This is important to keep the course free.

The Current English Language Education

This video is to get awareness about the current education of English.

Before and after learning English

Here you will understand your situation before and after learning English, because after doing it, it is like a new life.

This Is How We Are Going To Do It

This is the planning of the course for you to know how it will be structured.

How To Define Your Fears

This video is about one of the most important things you will learn in this course. The fear setting process.

The Story Of Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the best example of the so amazing things one can achieve when learning English, and also when there is a huge desire to get better.

Find Your Reason To Learn English

This is to find your most important reason to learn English.

The Skills You Need In Order To Learn English In A Short Time

What You Need To Start Learning English On Your Own

To start learning English you will need some things, material and mental. This is exactly what this video is about.

The Most Important Skill On The Internet

Here is a resource that will allow you to get the most out of the Internet.


This is the first of the three skills I consider are fundamentals to learn English on your own. The first one is motivation.


The second skill to learn is self-discipline.


The third skill is self-education, because once you learn this skill, it will allow you to get a lot more things additionally to English.

Learn English By Killing Cows

This is the adaptation of the book Once Upon A Cow, written by Mr. Camilo Cruz where you will learn how to kill the cows that are hampering you to learn English.

Basic Computer Skills

This course is to learn English using the Internet, so you will need to learn  some basic stuff about computers and Internet.

Improve Your Interpersonal Relationships

This is going to be one of the videos that will help you the most when learning English so socialize with other people.

Learn To Teach

Here is explained one of the most effective techniques to learn and apply what you learned, not only in English but in any other thing in life.

Look For More Information On The Three Fundamental Skills

Learn more about self-motivation, self-discipline and self-education.

Detailing The Plan To Learn English

Computer, Smartphone And Internet

This is a small introduction to the devices you will need to learn English using the internet.

The Software You Need To Learn English

The software is as important as the device. It is something very easy to learn.

Free Resources vs Paid Ones To Learn English

In the Internet there are all types of resources to learn English, free and paid, and in this video you will realize that it is enough with the free ones.

How To Set Goals In English

This is one of the most important things you have to do to learn English. You will realize that the fact of setting goals in the learning process is vital to do it.

Action Plan To Reach Your Goals

In order to establish goals there are methods that are extremely effective and in this video you will learn the method developed by Brian Tracy, one of the most respected men in the field of personal development.

Find A Role Model

All of us need a role model to follow or someone to learn from who already achieved what we want to achieve.

Your Own Style To Learn English

All of us are different to learn and here is the information to find a personal method to learn English.

TED Talk - How To Learn Any Language In Six Months - Chris Lonsdale

TED Talk given by Chris Lonsdale on how to learn any language.

TED Talks By Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis is one of the most known polyglots in the world.

TED Talk - 5 Techniques To Speak Any Language - Sid Efromovich

TED Talk given by Sid Efromovich on how to learn languages.

TED Talk- Breaking The Language Barrier - Tim Doner

Another polyglot who has given some TED talks.

The Method Of The First 20 Hours - Josh Kaufman

The method explained in this video is about the book written by Josh Kaufman where he explains how to learn something new in just 20 hours.

You Have Completed The Most Important Part Of The Course

You have completed the most important part of the curse and now you can be sure you will learn English.

Other TED Talks On Language Learning

Here is a document that contains more TED Talks for you to check them. 

Resources To Start Off

TutorEstudiantil Channel

My channel in YouTube is the perfect complement to this course because there I will be uploading additional content in Spanish.

Videos You Can Find Interesting From The Channel TutorEstudiantil

Some videos that you will find interesting to complement this course.

3 is one of the best sites to practice English.

The Best Websites To Learn English

Here are some of the best sites to learn english.

YouTube Channels To Learn English With Explanations In Spanish

Here are some YouTube channels where they teach English but speak in Spanish.

Book: English For Dummies

The book English for Dummies is maybe the best book to learn English for someone who is starting off with the study.

Grammar Books

Description of the importance of grammar books in the learning process.

Online Dictionaries

Nowadays it is not difficult to know the pronunciation of the words thanks to the online dictionaries.

Apps To Learn English

Your smartphone is one of the best tools to learn English.

Vocabulary Creation

Here my tips on how to create effective vocabularies.

Complicated Words And Phrasal Verbs

Some tips to remember complicated words and phases in English.

Memorization Techniques

Here I speak about the image association to learn new words in English.

The Fear To Study English

This is a real fear that you may have, the fear to study English.

Study One More Time The Resurces For Beginners

It is very important that you check and study one more time the resources we addressed in this section.

Advanced Resources

EngVid Channels

With the EngVid channels you will learn English but all the explanations are also in English.

Channels To Learn English With Explanations Only In English

Here is a list of the channels where only English is spoken to learn English.

YouTube Channels Not Related To Learning English

To learn English it is not mandatory that all the videos you see on YouTube are channels explaining grammatical rules, because you will learn more in channels that deal with different topics, that is what we will see in this video.

Language Exchange Sites
To be able to practice conversation in English it is necessary to do it with other people, although the difficult thing is often to find people who are willing to do it. The language exchange sites are precisely for this, to find people with whom to have conversations in English.
5 is an amazing site to find people to practice with English.

Your Digital Life In English

By changing the language to English of your phone and the software on you computer will help you a lot.


Reading is one of the practices that more benefits will  give you and in this video is for you  to find books to read.


With audiobooks you will train your listening comprehension.


Podcasts are similar to audiobooks but there are some differences.

Online Courses

One of the best things of learning English is the possibility of learning all kinds of things with the online courses.

TED Talks

TED Talks are given in conferences about all kinds of interesting topics and can be used to learn English.

Learning With Lyrics

This is one of the best and most fun ways to learn English with lyrics of music

How To Make Time To Learn English

Here you will learn how to make time to learn English.

Let's Review Once Again The Advanced Resources

It is also important to review the advanced resources to learn English.

Being The Best In The Interview For A Job In English

Information Research

Information on job interviews is extensive on the Internet, so in this video you are going to learn how to make effective searches to find this type of information.

Preparing The Questions And Answers

Here is how to prepare the answers to the most common questions in a job interview.

Practicing The Questions In

In this video the answers of the questions are practiced in the website

Answers To The Most Common Questions

Let's give an answer to the most common questions in a job interview.

The Big Day Of The Interview

This is how to excel in the job interview.

Learn From The First Rejections

It is completely normal to be rejected in the first job Interviews, so here is the information to overcome them and continue.

Call Centers

If you are living in an latin american country maybe you have the opportunity to apply to a job in English in a call center. Here is all the information about it.

Versant Test

The Versant Test is an automated evaluation to measure the English level of the applicants in a job interview.

You Did It, What's Next?

You did it, you got the job and now in this video is what you need to know.

Job Interviews In Your Native Language

This information is also useful for the interviews in your native language.


Spanish Version Of This Course

Spanish version of this course is also available for free.

Now Learn A Third Language

It is time to learn a third language.

Thank You!

Thank you for completing the course.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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