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Diversity for Dummies: Making Multiculturalism Work

Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization and Life!
Warren Chalklen, PhD
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Manage diversity in multiple settings
Use multicultural language to navigate challenges
Develop more inclusive and productive spaces

To build prosperous communities, nurturing schools, and innovative businesses; we require understanding of how to work with people from all walks of life. This course systematically prepares anyone interested in diversity and multiculturalism with important skills to make their environments more inclusive, safe, productive, and connected.

Concepts covered include the cultural, historical, and philosophical foundations of education in a multicultural society. We begin by outlining the principles of multicultural education, before looking at the connections between issues such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

We also cover less addressed issues of diversity such as language, geography, religion, and the youth culture. Optional discussions, activities, and a range of additional readings deepen the learning so that anyone taking the class can put the ideas into practice right away.

Welcome to the Course!

What is Diversity and Why does it matter to you?

What is this diversity thing anyway? Why should we care? In this introduction we describe the main components of diversity and equip you to get the most from this course.

Benefits of Diversity to the Organization

Diversity when utilized as a strength has multiple benefits for any organization. This lecture outlines how focusing on difference can strengthen teams, increase productivity and boost retention rates.

Shifting Perspectives
The importance of Diversity Consciousness for your organization

Diversity when utilized as a strength has multiple benefits for any organization. This lecture outlines how focusing on difference can strengthen teams, increase productivity and boost retention rates.

Assessing the six areas of Diversity Consciousness

Leading across lines of difference

Developing Diversity Conscious Leadership

Leadership matters. In this lecture we describe how using Diversity Conscious leadership can lead to successful teams and productive employees.

Sexual Orientation

Sex and sexuality has always been a topic of interest for millenia. By the end of this class you will have a greater grasp of what sexual orientation is, and how to be more inclusive to people of different sexual identities.

Sexual Orientation

In this quiz we will test your understanding of Sexual Orientation terms.

Develop an Action Plan
Barriers to Leading Across Lines of Difference

By the end of this lecture you will be able to recognize and navigate barriers to leading across lines of difference.

Anti-Bias Training

Anti-Bias Training

In this lecture we tackle the harmful impact of stereotypes and unchecked bias.

Race and Ethnicity

If we are all human beings, why is there so much emphasis on what we look like? This class unpacks race and ethnicity as a social construct. Taking this class will equip you with the skills to understand race and racism.


Some census forms ask for a person's sex, while others ask for their gender. What is the difference? By the end of this class you will understand these differences and be able to see them in your surroundings.

Socio-Economic Status

Is there a difference between income, wealth, and how a person sees the world? In this class, you will be exposed to the way in which socio-economic class shapes ideas, behaviors, and culture.


The distinction between belief, non-belief, practice and culture are often blurred at best. This lecture unpacks these relationships. By the end of this class you will:

See the relationship between culture and religion.

Investigate strategies to use religion as a way of building inclusive conversations.

Memory Map

Final Assessment

Final Assessment

Bonus Section

Bonus: More Courses from Warren
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Bonus Lecture (Surprises Inside)

This lecture provides guidelines for next steps.

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