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Become an UltraLearner: Study skills & Learning strategies

Boost your Learning speed & Productivity with study skills and learning strategies based on the world's top performers.
Become a smarter as well as more successful student through Efficient Learning & Study skills.
Boost your Personal Mastery and accelerate your path to life-long learning & personal development.
Enhance your Productivity & Focus.
Increase your Memory capabilities.
This course will teach you to learn efficient, also called Meta-Learning or Learning how to Learn.
Learning strategies & Learning techniques such as the Loci Method, Speed Reading and many more.

In the Course “Becoming an Ultralearner: Study skills & Learning strategies” you will Learn how to Learn (also called Meta Learning) with study strategies and learning techniques based on research as well as the world’s top performers. This can boost your productivity and accelerate your path of personal development and personal Mastery.

The Main Focus is the “Bigger picture behind Learning”, but the course also includes Learning skills and Study techniques to become a Superlearner such as:


  • Speed Reading to become a productivity machine at University or work
  • The Loci Method to become a memory champion and remember more
  • Visualization to increase your focus and unlock your full potential
  • Using your Emotions to remember more as well as to forget less
  • and many more insights that will make you wiser & smarter


I look forward to welcome you to this course.

P.s.The Fact that you are reading this far already shows me that you are more dedicated to invest your time wisely than the majority of people! Sign up now and you will benefit from the course content for the rest of your life.



Thanks for signing up for the course. I look forward to go through the process of Learning how to Learn together.

What you can expect of me and what I expect of you

In this video we are talking about Expectations which are key when learning a new skill.


Improving how much you Learn


Motivation is one of the key components on how to learn more, as a lack of it will lead to you not studying.
This is the longest video of this course, so give your best try to motivate yourself to Focus the whole time :)

After this video you will be asked for a review that is crucial for my success teaching others. I really appreciate your support and your dedication to invest in yourself and make this world a tiny bit better. Thank you in advance for your rating!

[Optional Assignment]: Create a Vision Board

Habits are amazing as the routines can help you to learn more effective without you even conciously trying.
Try to create a Habit to Focus on one thing at a time.


When you have the right mindset and believe that growth can happen it eventually will (The law of attraction).
This way you can really learn how to learn more efficient and can apply the learning strategies & learning techniques on a much deeper level.

Improving how efficient and fast you learn

Focus & Efficiency

The first learning strategy is Efficiency & Focus. Even though many parts of this video seem obvious many people still multitask and are distraced with their phones while studying. "Common knowledge is not common practice". However, because you made it so far already in this course you probably are a person that is already exceptionally talented at focusing. Now stop reading this description and Focus on the content of the video :)


To really apply all the Learning techniques you need the right environment to do so. Furthermore, I want to congratulate you on making it this far in the course. You are amazing!!!

Learning technique: Speed Reading

A brief overview on the learning strategy "Speed Reading". Reading fast can greatly increase your learning capabilities, but always keep in mind that an in depht knowledge and understanding is vital. Therefore, it can be amazing to read slow and careful at times and fast & quick at others. How fast were you reading this description?

Moreover, I can recommend the Udemy Course: "Become a SuperLearner" for an in depth understanding of the Speed Reading concept.

Learning technique: Visualization & Emotion

A quick but vital learning strategy to improve your study skills: Emotions & Visualisation.
Really try to close your eyes and feel what you are trying to remember.

Reducing how much you forget


Boosting your memory and brain capabilities can be made easy with external factors. Writing down the key takeaways you have helps you to remember more and forget less.

Learning technique: The Loci Method

An ancient learning technique to help you remember more: The Loci Method.

Learning technique: Variety

You can become a better and more successful student by staying variable.

Practicing the Learning techniques

Use techiques such as Emotion, Visualisation or the Loci Method to remember the following list in order. [Optional] To challenge yourself you can set a timer for 30 seconds.

1. Fire Hydrant
2. Baloons
3. Batteries
4. Barrel
5. Board
6. Diamond
7. Knight
8. Oxygen
9. Toothpaste
10. Neon-sign


Putting it all together

Not many people are finishing the things that they start. But you did not and I am proud of you!

Congratulations and thank you for signing up and finishing the course.
I hope you have learned a lot of study skills & learning strategies to really learn how to learn.

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